Assault Over Rainwater Drainage Dispute in Hogalberia

Renuka Rani Biswas, wife of Dilip Biswas residing in Hogalberia, lodged a complaint on March 20, 2024, alleging assault by Bulu Rani Biswas, wife of late Chandi Charan Biswas, also from Hogalberia. The incident reportedly occurred around 15:00 hrs. According to the complaint, Bulu Rani Biswas assaulted Renuka Rani Biswas over a dispute concerning rainwater drainage.

Renuka Rani Biswas protested against the alleged assault, which led Bulu Rani Biswas to reportedly strike her on the head with a “hansua”. Hearing the commotion, Renuka’s husband intervened and rescued her from the scene. However, Renuka sustained serious injuries to her head as a result of the assault and was subsequently transferred to Karimpur Rural Hospital for medical treatment.