Police Raid Uncovers Major Ganja Haul, Two Arrested in Nadia

Abdul Moktar Kazi, Sub-Inspector of Police from Nadia DD CID WB, has filed a complaint against two arrested individuals, identified as Rajib Sk and Tinku Sk, for alleged involvement in a significant drug-related incident. The incident, which occurred on March 20, 2024, at approximately 23:45 hrs., unfolded following a tip-off received by the authorities. Acting swiftly on the information, Kazi and his team conducted a raid at Gournagar more under PS Nabadwip, resulting in the apprehension of the aforementioned accused persons.

During the raid, law enforcement officials seized a total of 103 packets of Ganja, weighing 110.795 kilograms, which were concealed in five multi-color sacks positioned at the rear of a white Mahindra XYLO bearing Registration No. WB 06A 4230. Additionally, two mobile phones and Rs. 500 in cash were confiscated from the possession of the suspects.

Despite demands from the authorities, Rajib Sk and Tinku Sk failed to produce any valid documentation supporting their possession and transportation of the seized articles. The seizure was conducted meticulously, with all requisite formalities observed.

This incident underscores the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies to combat illicit drug trafficking activities in the region, with a stern stance against offenders.