Gas Cylinder Racket Unveiled in Betai, Nadia; One Accused Absconding

LSI Rekha Roy of DEB, Krishnagar PD, filed a complaint against Parimal Ghosh, residing at Chanatala, Betai Palashi Road, Betai, Nadia, for allegedly using domestic gas cylinders for commercial purposes. Acting on a tip-off, authorities conducted a raid on the accused’s shop in Betai, Tehatta PS, on 04.04.2024 morning.

During the raid, it was discovered that domestic gas cylinders were being used for commercial purposes. Despite the owner’s absence, a worker, identified as Pintu Ghosh, was found engaged in refilling gas cylinders. Upon inquiry, he failed to produce valid documents for the cylinders.

In the absence of the owner, authorities seized 8 partially filled domestic gas cylinders and 10 empty ones under proper seizure protocols. The incident suggests a potential violation of the Essential Commodities Act, with suspicions of fraudulent means in procuring the cylinders.