Land Dispute Escalates into Physical Assault, Senior Citizen Files Complaint

Chapra, April 2, 2024: Swapna Mitra, a 62-year-old resident of Chapra Thana Road, PS Chapra, filed a complaint today, recounting a distressing incident involving alleged violations of a court order and physical assault.

According to Mitra, at approximately 8:15 AM, Prasad Garai and Shyama Garai, both sons of the late Balai Chand Garai from Bangaljhi, PS Chapra, accompanied by 10 others, disregarded a court order (TS Case No. 34/23) right in front of her residence.

When Mitra protested against the infringement, she was reportedly subjected to assault by the individuals involved. The altercation stemmed from an ongoing land dispute.