Police Raid Leads to Arrest and Seizure of Narcotics and Contraband

A complaint lodged by SI Dipankar Mandal of Palashipara PS resulted in the arrest of Mahira Bibi, aged 60 and wife of Abdul Sk from Baronalda, Uttapara, PS Palashipara. The incident unfolded on April 26, 2024, between 06:05 to 06:10 AM, when Mandal, accompanied by police personnel, conducted a raid at Bibi’s residence.During the raid, authorities seized significant contraband, including 98.9 grams of a globule-like brown substance identified as Heroin, 3.8 grams of a white powder used in Heroin preparation, along with a red-colored Oppo mobile phone bearing IMEI numbers 869353039027670 and 869353039027662. Additionally, one Indian currency note of Rs. 20/- was recovered from Bibi’s exclusive possession.The operation was conducted in the presence of SDPO Tehatta and CI Nakashipara KPD. Mahira Bibi was subsequently arrested, and the seized items were cataloged under proper seizure documentation.