Woman Dies in Road Accident Due to Alleged Negligence of Truck Driver

In a tragic incident, Alomoti Biswas, wife of Dasharath Biswas and resident of Maharajpur, Mahatpur, sustained critical injuries in a road accident on April 2, 2024. The incident occurred around 05:00 hrs. when she was traveling towards Krishnanagar on a Toto via Krishnanagar Karimpur Road. Reportedly, a truck with registration number WB-51B-5835 collided head-on with the Toto near Ghurni Godwon More, under the jurisdiction of PS Kotwali, allegedly due to rash and negligent driving by the truck driver.The impact of the collision resulted in severe injuries to Mrs. Biswas, causing her to bleed profusely. Prompt action by local residents led to her immediate transfer to Saktinagar District Hospital for medical attention. However, due to the severity of her injuries, she was later referred to Kolkata N.R.S Hospital.Tragically, Mrs. Biswas succumbed to her injuries on April 10, 2024, around 19:00 hrs., while undergoing treatment at Kolkata N.R.S Hospital.The family of the deceased has lodged a complaint against the truck driver, holding him responsible for the fatal accident.