Breakthrough in a Cyber Crime POCSO Case

Today, in a significant breakthrough, a team from Nakashipara Police successfully apprehended a suspect allegedly involved in connection with Krishnagar Cyber Crime Police Station Case No. 43/23 dated November 20, 2023, under sections 354A/354C/500/509 of the IPC and Section 13 of the POSCO Act. The arrest took place in Goa, and the individual, identified as Firoj Sk (26), son of Abbas Sk from Senpur Ghuni, Nakashipara, Nadia, is currently being taken under transit remand in relation to the case. The complaint against Firoj Sk alleges that he captured private pictures of a minor girl, created a fake Facebook account, and posted these private pictures with the intention of defaming her in society. The arrest of the suspect marks a significant breakthrough in the ongoing investigation.