Police Raid Foils Dacoity Attempt: Three Arrested with Firearms Seized

Thanarpara, Nadia: ASI Amit Kr. Sarkar of PS Thanarpara reported a successful raid resulting in the arrest of three individuals and the seizure of firearms. The arrested persons identified as Saheb Ali Seikh (55), Tufan Bed (20), and Sukhen Bed (22) were apprehended during a raid at Bamboo Garden belonging to Mahabul Khan.Acting on a tip-off, the police conducted the operation at around 00:15 hrs on 21.04.24. Saheb Ali Seikh was found in possession of a country-made firearm loaded with one round of .303 ammunition, concealed in his left waist. Additionally, one iron daw and one Hansua were seized from the possession of the accused.The group, assembled with other associates at the spot, was allegedly preparing to commit dacoity in the adjacent village. Although eight to nine other accused managed to escape during the raid, Saheb Ali Seikh, Tufan Bed, and Sukhen Bed were apprehended and subsequently confessed their involvement in the planned crime.