Police Raid Uncovers Large Ganja Stockpile in Hogalberia

A significant crackdown on illegal substance trafficking unfolded in Hogalberia as SI Md. Ajaharuddin Sk spearheaded a raid following a tip-off. On April 18, 2024, at 11:40 hrs, SI Sk received intelligence indicating the presence of a substantial quantity of Ganja in the residence of Pulok Mondal, son of Anil Mondal, and Anil Mondal, son of the late Shyam Charan Mondal, located at Nashirerpara Madhyapara, PS Hogalberia.

In response, SI Sk, accompanied by a team of officers, swiftly conducted a raid at the specified location. The operation resulted in the seizure of 50.5 kilograms of Ganja, meticulously documented under a proper seizure list and conducted in the presence of BDO Karimpur-I and CI Karimpur KPD, ensuring transparency through videography.

This proactive action underscores law enforcement’s commitment to combating illicit drug activities in the region and upholding public safety. Investigations into the case are ongoing to identify further individuals involved in the illegal drug trade.