Raid in Dhubulia Leads to Arrest and Seizure of Liquor Cache

In a proactive operation, ASI Samajit Khamaru of Dhubulia Police Station lodged a complaint resulting in the arrest of Sanjit Das (44 Years), hailing from Dhubulia 7 No. Group, PS- Dhubulia. The complaint detailed an incident on 25.03.2024, where acting on a reliable tip-off, ASI Samajit Khamaru, along with law enforcement personnel, conducted a raid at the tea shop owned by Sanjit Das.

During the raid, authorities seized a substantial cache of illicit liquor from Das’s possession, including:
i) 20 sealed bottles of India-made liquor, Bengal Tiger Premium, each containing 600 ml,
ii) 16 bottles of Kingfisher Beer,
iii) 10 bottles of Tuborg Beer, and
iv) 05 bottles of McDowell’s No.1 Whisky, each containing 180 ml.

The seized items were duly documented under a proper seizure list. Sanjit Das was promptly arrested in connection with the illegal possession of alcohol.

This operation underscores the commitment of law enforcement agencies in cracking down on the illegal sale and distribution of alcohol, contributing to the maintainance of law and order in the Dhubulia area.