Man Assaulted and Injured in Anandabash Dangapara, Kotwali

A resident of Anandabash Dangapara under the jurisdiction of Kotwali PS, Bishnu Das, son of the late Panchanan Das, filed a grievance stating that on March 31, 2024, around 16:00 hrs, he was allegedly accosted and verbally abused by a group consisting of Mehebul Sk (son of Cheken Sk), Eklaj Sk (son of the late Cheken Sk), Mohibul Sk (son of the late Cheken Sk), Bablu Sk (son of the late Viku Sk), Tablu Sk (son of the late Viku Sk), and Humayun Sk (son of the late Viku Sk) from the same locality.

Das reported that upon voicing objection, the aforementioned individuals proceeded to assault him with weapons including a daw, hansua, and iron rod, causing him to sustain severe bleeding injuries. He sought medical attention at Bishnupur Hospital following the altercation.

The incident has stirred concerns among locals regarding the safety and security in the area.