On 26.03.2024 the route marches were held in various police station areas of Krishnanagar Police District

Such as Sikra, Ranabandh area under Chapra PS; Jamsherpur, Gopalnagar area of Hogoleberia PS; Barbakpur , Goas area of ​​Karimpur police station; Brajanathpur, Pipulberia area of Murutia police station; Bilkumari area of Nakashipara police station; Anandabas, Jangalbas area of Kotwali police station; Gede, Banpur area of Krishnaganj police station; Shyamnagar area under Tehatta police station; Janakinagar, Tejnagar of Kaliganj police station; Sadhanpara area of ​​Dhubulia police station; Radhanagar, Krishnagar of Palashipara police station; Pratapnagar, Kapalipara of Nabadwip Police Station, Rampur , Krishnapur area of Bhimpur Police Station and Pipulkhola, Dhoradaha area of Thanarpara Police Station. A total area of ​​85 km has been route marched by BSF.