Tragic Collision Claims Lives in Kaliganj: Two Dead, Several Injured

In a heart-wrenching incident, Md. Milon Sk, aged 31 and son of Abdul Hamid Sk, residing at Plassey Natunpara, Kaliganj, filed a distressing complaint at the local police station. He reported that on April 16, 2024, around 12:30 hrs, his brother Lal Chand Sk, aged 28, along with a classmate, was traveling to Bhurulia on a motorcycle bearing registration number WB52AW-6535.

Tragically, their journey took a fatal turn near Karbala Maidan at Bhurulia when another motorcycle, registered under RC No. WB52BA-5811, collided with theirs due to reckless and negligent riding by the motorcyclist. The collision resulted in severe injuries to Lal Chand Sk, his classmate, the rider of the offending motorcycle, and two others.

All the injured parties were rushed to Debagram Primary Health Center, where the medical officer on duty declared Lal Chand Sk and one other individual deceased. The remaining injured were subsequently transferred to Kolkata NRS Medical College & Hospital via Murshidabad District Hospital. Sadly, on April 17, 2024, one of the injured individuals succumbed to their injuries.